When learning is fun...

...children learn best! Horizons fosters a joyful learning environment full of academic, artistic, and athletic activities that inspire young minds.

Our Model: Inspiring Learning

A 6-year-old from an under-resourced family arrives on a college campus the summer before first grade, and, for six weeks, experiences an exciting blend of hands-on academics, arts, culture, and recreation with peers from her neighborhood. She learns to create, imagine, and dream, and builds fundamental reading and math skills she otherwise may have lost during summer vacation. She also learns to swim, transforming her fear of water into a favorite summer activity. Though her parents didn’t have the opportunity to go to college, by the end of the six weeks, she can easily see herself at a university—because, as far as she’s concerned, she’s been attending one all summer! She’s sad when the summer program ends, but she’s reassured that she and her new friends will be returning next summer, and throughout the year, until they graduate from high school. This is the Horizons experience.

The proven Horizons approach drives academic achievement by nurturing curiosity and a love of learning. Students begin their journey with Horizons as early as pre-kindergarten and return year after year through high school graduation.

“I would never leave my friends and teachers...I think that Horizons is my heart.” —2nd Grade Horizons Student