Program Elements 

Our proven approach is hands-on. We engage students in academics, computer literacy, cultural enrichment, swimming and team athletics, special events, and field trips.

What We Provide

Our focus on literacy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programming inspires students to learn, achieve, and experience greater academic success. But most of all, students develop a love of learning. Every Horizons program also includes swimming instruction, breakfast and lunch, field trips, recreation, arts, and an overall emphasis on family involvement.

All Horizons affiliates embrace this same educational philosophy and highly-customizable curriculum. We train teachers with the Horizons teaching philosophy and give them the freedom to create inspiring, energized classrooms. Every Horizons program is unique, yet they all share core elements.


Horizons students qualify for free and reduced lunch, and reflect the diversity of their local community. When they first come to Horizons, most students are performing below grade level.


Horizons’ head teachers are paid professionals, from public schools, independent schools, and universities, all working together. Our small class sizes (with a 5:1 student to faculty ratio) and our student-centered approach to project-based learning brings our teachers, students, and families back year after year.

“Being on Ellen DeGeneres and NBC Nightly News was pretty amazing, but as I started working at Horizons for the first time last year, it was quickly revealed to me that I was in for a treat! The kids were absolutely sweet and really wanted to learn. I had unlimited resources to assist in pedagogy as I pushed for the students to grow. Last, the new experiences encountered daily confirmed for me how lucky I was to join this amazing staff. If other parents, teachers, and students found out how amazing this program is, there would be a line wrapping around the school trying to get in!”
Michael Bonner, Former 2nd Grade Horizons Teacher


Through an in-depth six-week summer program, with after-school and weekend programs throughout the year, Horizons students can experience the freedom of new ways of learning.