What is Horizons?

It’s a high-quality learning experience, outside of traditional school time, that supports under-resourced students over the course of their Pre-K–12 academic careers.

Program Model

Horizons students attend a six-week summer program on the campus of an independent school, college, or university, and receive additional support throughout the year. Our project-based educational model is designed to fuel a life-long passion for learning, using a blend of high-quality academics with cultural enrichment and confidence-building activities like swimming, arts, and sports. In small classes led by professional teachers, students dive into a rich curriculum with a focus on literacy and STEM. Horizons serves students with a broad range of academic skills, providing them with the opportunity to experience success in a setting that, over time, becomes an inspirational and stable learning environment for students, families, and the greater community.

Where are Horizons programs located?

By design, you’ll find Horizons programs on independent school, college, and university campuses, rather than in familiar public schools. These facilities offer new surroundings, resources, and relationships, where academic content is integrated with experiential learning activities. The opportunity to explore and learn in a new environment increases engagement and promotes social and academic growth. Students benefit from the unique resources and experience of their host Horizons school as they return each summer.

Do students come back year after year?

Yes! Lasting connections create the greatest impact, so Horizons makes retention a priority, resulting in average student and teacher retention of over 80% annually across the network. Many families are involved for decades as younger siblings make their way through the program and graduates return to volunteer or teach at Horizons.